Your Web Presence for Business

There are lots of opinions about exactly what “Business Success” is. Regardless your definition of success, today you need a website for your business. Fortunately getting a website has never been easier of more affordable.

A successful business website requires:

  1. Online Business Strategy Conversation.
  2. Keyword research & Recommendations.
  3. A dynamic/CMS website (we use WordPress).
  4. eMail/Newsletter integration.
  5. Website Maintenance Training/Mentoring.
  6. Content Strategy & Publishing Calendar.
  7. Social Media Integration & Promotion.
  8. SEO and/or Local SEO Campaign

Online Business Strategy Consultation:

During this 45 to 90 minute conversation, we develop an online strategy for your business.

Keyword research & Recommendations:

We research the 25 – 30 best keywords and keyword phrases to attract clients to your website.

A dynamic/CMS website (we use WordPress):

We design and develop your business using the State of the Art web publishing software from WordPress integrating the SEO Keywords, eMail/Newsletter and Social Media.

  • For 80% of businesses the 4-Hour Website program will work perfectly. These websites range from $247 – $800.
  • The remaining 20% of businesses require a more individualized website solution to accommodate customer imagery, shopping carts, events management, individualized attention or other specialties. These website begin at $1500.

eMail/Newsletter integration.

eMail is one of the most effective lead generation methods for most websites.

Website Maintenance Training/Mentoring.

Each of our websites come with 3 hours training and 30 days support. In addition, we offer detailed Mentoring and Training.

Content Strategy & Publishing Calendar.

Your content mainly your blog is the primary method of getting the search engines to find your website. Your calendar

Social Media Integration & Promotion.

Each article is shared and promoted on the most appropriate social media network.

SEO and/or Local SEO Campaign

In addition social media promotion, we want to consider a content marketing and back link campaign to build the “authority” of your website.

We offer each of these services a la cart or as packages. Please contact us by phone at 1-877-249-8884 or email.