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Don’t Let A Web Designer Kill Your Business

Every business needs a web presence. Well DUH! The days of having a website to “let people know where you’re at” are over. Many people will “Google Search” You and Your Business before deciding whether to engage your services. It’s … Continue reading

WordPress Won “Overall Best CMS” Because…

Wordpress accomplished 3 things as a CMS that Joomla, Drupal, et al. have not:
1. Created a demand for their product.
2. Normalized Technology.
3. Empowered the End User / Customer.
Like most noobies, I just wanted a decent looking site that worked. And I wanted the site live quickly… Wordpress did all that, Superbly. Happy, empowered users VOTE. Wordpress won! Continue reading

WordPress Training & How To Videos

Here is a series of WordPress Training & How To Videos in the order I recommend you watch them. These videos were added for the benefit of our consulting and web development clients. You will need a password to access … Continue reading

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