wp4b.com offers business owners up to 3 websites for $20 per month.

This is our first/rough draft. Sorry in advance for any errors, typos, etc. -terry

General Questions (6)

How does www.wp4b.com work?

Simply Create a wp4b account check that box that says “Yes create my website now.”

Fill in the blanks and your on your way. Then watch the training and tutorial videos;  visit our Sample Website which serves as a model/prototype for effective business websites. Then get busy setting up, configuring and adding your specific business information/content. Congratulations you have a web presence. Your site will be active during the 7 day FREE Trial. After you subscribe we will Configure your custom domain name to your website.

What makes www.wp4b.com different?

wp4b.com is designed & developed by a business guy and not geeks / web types who only know about coding.

@terryhall has been in business for 25+ years and also built, configured and managed over 350 websites. After a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) Terry decided to develop wp4b as a way to give business owners an affordable web presence quickly that has been professionally and expertly engineered for your success. Using the 80/20 rule your wp4b website includes everything that 80% of all businesses need to get their business online and indexed in the search engines quickly and at an affordable price.

For the 20% of businesses who need a special purpose or highly branded website, Terry does build custom and individualized business websites. Terry is also available to help you get your wp4b website working more quickly or you can do it yourself.

How do I sometimes see “blog(s)” and sometimes see “website(s)?

We use the WordPress platform to manage and host your websites.

WordPress originally was a “blogging platform” and the blogging terminology has stuck. Today, WordPress is arguably one of the best CMS (Content Management Systems) available for website development. At wp4b, we use WordPress as a business website development platform. Each of our websites includes a blog.

Why is there a Business Community at wp4b?

We’ve included a business community at wp4b.com for two reasons.

First – The community serves as our client services, client support and billing platform. Second – We’re all business people and business people can/should network and since you are all our clients you have something in common making a community.

Why does Terry Hall have 3 accounts?

Terry Hall has 3 accounts for testing purposes and business purposes.

  • My @terryhall account is the main site administrator account for wp4b. When I login using these credentials I can control everything behind the “wizard’s curtain“.
  • My @bizomundo is for testing. When I log in using this account I see and can do exactly what you see and can do.
  • My @revterryhall account is form my wedding ministry business. My wedding officiant business is how I get out from behind the computer and get my public speaking fix.

Some Comic Relief

In case you’re getting too serious about all this stuff, here’s some comic relief!


Pre-Sales Questions (1)

What’s the catch are these crappy / ugly websites?

Here’s the catch. You have to setup and configure your website yourself. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Select one of our 130+ pre-fabricated website designs.
  2. Activate, setup and configure the options you need on your website. Select from a Calendar, Newsletter sign-up form, Multiple contact forms and more. Each of our websites are pre-engineered to handle everything the typical business website needs to succeed.
  3. Add information about your business, you and your contact information. That’s it you’re in business.