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Video Introduces the Best US Based SEO Company for Lawyers

SD Luxury Landscape Designs

SD Luxury Landscape Designs

We assist Luxury property owners enhance the value and live-ability of their San Diego house. Whether in Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Poway or La Jolla, we do the task. Enhancing your satisfaction with a landscape design for the supreme backyard, garden and outdoor living space. The best landscape starts with the best design. Specifying the proper plants, hardscape and features are all orchestrated with the appropriate luxury landscape designer. In the end, your joy with your home’s interior and exterior make entertainment and daily living more satisfying.

No matter how huge or small the exterior of your house is that you have to work with, you will find that working with an excellent luxury landscape designer will be one of the finest decisions that you could ever make. Not just will they come in with a wealth of concepts and a whole group of employees to get the job done however they will likewise get everything in place within a timely fashion.

Read this superb SD estate gardens designer blog. SD Luxury Landscape Designs

Client Updates: Mindi Landry Oceanside Realtor

A fast introduction to Mindi Landry a 30+ year Realtor focusing on extreme client care and relationships. Mindi is a professional Real Estate Professional specializing in helping you sell or buy a Jeffries Ranch Home.

Jeffries Ranch is a varied neighborhood of houses located in Oceanside, CA with a wide variety of properties from patio area the homes of steed homes. It’s hidden in North San Diego County simply a few minutes away from Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Mindi’s latest Google Hangout. You go Mindi!

Mindi Landry specializes in helping you with Jeffries Ranch Oceanside homes for sale.

San Diego SEO Firm Launching

Optima SEO Services Launches it’s National and Local Organic Small Business SEO in the San Diego Market.

Terry Hall a SEO Consultant started with Small Business SEO Services in 2008 and is rehanging his shingle as an SEO to help Small Business get found only by new customers.

San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup in Encinitas, CA

This was only the second meeting of the San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup, but this Meetup is unquestionably a success! Even with the pouring rain, 22 people attended this Meetup hosted by Jeri Nachman of ElectronicTheater.com. She has a delightful and cozy place for us to use. Just bring a flashlight to the meeting because she has a long driveway through charming park like grounds, which aren’t well lit.

The December San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup had 2 presenters…

Eris Poringer from Lose the Box Design Studio did a tutorial on WordPress themes, how to install and activate them. She talked about the many WordPress theme resources available through the WordPress.org website. As always Eris is an effective presenter and adds in her personal antidotes and experiences with WordPress Website Design along with a video tutorial from WP101.

Terry Hall of TerryHall.biz and wp4b.com talked with the San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup up group about SEO, SEM and Geo-Local Searches. He explained what a San Diego Web Designer needs to do to have their clients site show up on the first page of the search engines. He also gave us a challenge to see which designer in the group would rank highest for the search term San Diego Web Designers in January.

Terry let the San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup group know that he wasn’t a web designer, but rather a web developer and business consultant. What that means is that he builds ugly sites, which get people to the top of the search engines, and get leads for their business. He uses a variety of marketing methods for his clients websites along with built in SEO. His marketing methods include, Facebook, MailChimp email service, keyword rich content like blog posts and articles and directory listings and review site listings. All of which, used together lift a website to the first page of Google.

Terry is extremely knowledgeable in WordPress and has personally logged over 10,000 hours in WordPress Websites, WordPress Multisites and WordPress BuddyPress sites. He’s made himself available to all in attendance for questions and help.

I’m looking forward to the next San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup on January 19th.

WordPress Hosting @wp4b

What is website hosting?

Websites are computer files and documents which are viewable via the internet and web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.) For your website to be viewed it must be stored on a computer which is always connected to the internet using an internet protocol (this is an over simplified explanation – for more information here) . These computers are called servers.

Types of website hosting:

  • Shared hosting: A hosting account on a server which is shared with many other hosting accounts. Pricing starts at about $10 per month.
  • VPS hosting: Virtual Private Server is a shared server which is divided into multiple “virtual servers” with software. Pricing starts at about $25 per month.
  • Dedicated Server: A computer server which is dedicated to exclusively to you. Pricing starts at $175 per month.
  • Managed hosting: Hosting accounts which are professionally monitored and managed by a 3rd party (typically the web hosting company). Prices vary greatly.

What skills and systems required for self hosting your WordPress website?

There are a few technical skills needed to manage and maintain a self hosting account. First: A basic understanding of DNS and nameservers. Second: Basic understanding of setting up and configuring MySQL databases and users. Third: Ability to setup and configure email accounts and email forwarders. Forth: Basic understanding of WordPress, plugins, themes and widgets configuration.

Hosting your WordPress site @wp4b for $7 per month:

  • We offer managed hosting for your WordPress site(s).
  • We setup and manage your email accounts & forwarders.
  • We manage, test and maintain your WordPress Installation, themes, plugins and widgets.
  • Disadvantages:
    • You can not add your own themes & plugins to your WordPress site – this is requested via the @wp4b administrator.
  • Additional Advantages:
    • Website promotion: All sites hosted @wp4b have their content marketed via “the wall” which we promote with internet marketing strategies.
    • Help Desk: We’re developing a help desk for our clients for technical, marketing and business info.

The learning curve is a function of your ease with a computers and finding information via the internet. A typical person with is computer savvy can setup and configure their hosting account in 2 to 4 hours.

SEO Keyword Research

Get a list of 25 to 30 keywords people actually type into Google to find your products or services. Your keywords mix will include:

  • Easy to rank for
  • Not so easy to rank for
  • Essential to rank for

Here’s an example. For a Real Estate agent it’s Essential to rank as their “home town realtor” even though all their competitors are trying to rank for the same term. This is indeed possible, it just takes awhile. In the mean time, we start ranking for the Easy & Not So Easy keywords. We do this because the Search Engines reward success. The more people who find your site the more credibility your site is given. Ultimately you get enough credibility to rank for your essential keywords.

wp4b Setup Services

Have the wp4b team setup and configure your wp4b website(s). This is the quickest way to have your site ready to go live.

We offer multi-site discounts when purchased at the same time.

Note: Setup & configuration does NOT include adding, writing or editing your content.

Don’t Let A Web Designer Kill Your Business


Every business needs a web presence. Well DUH!

The days of having a website to “let people know where you’re at” are over. Many people will “Google Search” You and Your Business before deciding whether to engage your services. It’s essential when someone searches Google for YOU that:

Your Name and/or Your Business Name, must show up in the first 3 pages of Google. Especially if you are in a “services business”.

It’s very easy to look like a large company. Your website can include e-commerce, interactive surveys, forums, blog, email marketing and a help desk for a surprisingly low cost. BUT, most web designers build web sites that end up as online ghost towns! (The only way people find you is to Google Search the exact name of your website or extensive advertising.) Heaven forbid you have an name like “Terry Hall”.

The rules of the game have changed. Your web site has to be dynamic, a living document alive with useful content.

There are as many ways to build a dynamic web site. I’ve found WordPress, when used as a Content Management System, is the best platform for the typical business website.

WordPress is:

  • Robust yet Simple.
  • Intuitive yet Powerful.
  • Elegant yet Rock Solid.
  • Trendy yet Mature.

A content management system (CMS) is a tool that helps you create, manage and update the content and information on your web site.

WordPress can be a powerful content management system. It’s Open Source with FREE license. And it  packs power under the hood. WordPress did not start as a CMS like Joomla & Drupal but has rapidly evolved into the perfect choice for a business looking to expand it’s web presence. WordPress is currently powering millions of sites globally. WordPress has been around since 2003, long enough to have the major bugs & security flaws worked out.  And best of all: Google loves WordPress Powered Sites.

WordPress is an Open Source platform whose core is a blogging engine. WordPress allows you to create a site with visual impact for your user’s experience while keeping the focus on your message and content (that’s what Google likes most).  WordPress is optimized for publishing and changing content. Getting good search engine rankings requires fresh, unique content. You need a system that does not get in the way when you want to update your website with a new article or newsletter. WordPress is easy to use for business owners (as opposed to, say, Joomla), who may not be familiar with it. Add a solid support for “static” content, being the WordPress Pages, and more newsy update flows controlled by the Posts, and you’ve got your needs pretty much covered for most websites online today.

Web Designers have been slow to adapt dynamic websites and CMS systems because they can be difficult to design for. Inherently, dynamic sites have a flow to them. The information expands and contracts dynamically. Herein lies the problem. Most designers like a canvas that is static presenting a specifically “designed” user experience – the same way, every time. But static, set it and forget it websites are dinosaurs approaching extinction. WordPress allows the designer to create a graphically pleasing site and a developer to insert dynamically rendered elements with a combined result Google goes GaGa for – unique user friendly content!

No matter what your situation, your website needs dynamic content. For some it means sticking a “blog” onto their static or traditional site. While for others it means going to WordPress.org, downloading WordPress and installing it on a $8 a month HostGator account and learning the ropes. And for others, it’s hiring someone like me to assist them in their business development and web integration for a complete online business solution.

Whether you’re a business person or web designer, get dynamic NOW.

Start breathing life into your website. I work with people and designers to assist them in taking the plunge into the world of dynamic content websites. In my experience you will have the experience and want to kill me, but when you see your websites go live and quickly get ranked by Google – you’ll be glad you did. I’ve never had a client call me asking “How come I can’t find my site on Google?”.

WordPress Won “Overall Best CMS” Because…

My disclaimer: I’m a Business Guy NOT a Geek

We are pleased to announce that WordPress has won the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards. WordPress has won this Award for the first time in the past four years, earning itself a place in the Hall of Fame category for the Award next year. www.packtpub.com

WordPress accomplished 3 things as a CMS that Joomla, Drupal, et al. have not:

  1. Created a demand for their product.
  2. Normalized Technology.
  3. Empowered the End User / Customer.

Here’s how it breaks down from a end user’s perspective.

Demand: Cheap reliable hosting. Quality Open Source Projects. Social Media & Networking. Desire to chime-in with “my 2 cents“. Wanting to “cash in“. Fear of being “left behind“. Easily Available technical support. All combining into a Perfect Storm to help re-brand WordPress as a CMS and get people online, NOW.

Normalized Technology: It’s cool to put up a website/blog at wordpress.com or blogger and see you first article published in 10 to 15 minutes. User got a sense that “it can’t be that hard to do this stuff” look what I was able to do in 10 minutes. As online publishing became easier so did support for noobies. Anyone can get the answer to virtually any technical question or problem is less that a day. The more problems a user tries to solve, the more quickly the terms and distinctions are learned and the faster the answer can be found.

Empowered Users: After years of being held hostage, screwed taken advantage of by webmasters and techies, users are so ready to make small changes themselves to their websites. WordPress.com showed people that a “widget-ized” & “template-ized” site for FREE may work almost as good as the site they paid $1,000s of just 18 to 24 months earlier. Some then discovered WordPress.org and complete control over their website and BAM – a new generation of webmasters learning the ropes.

Lastly, WordPress started to re-brand themselves as a CMS about 18 to 24 months ago about the time I started my “Business Development though Web Integration” business. I looked at Joomla, Drupal, SiteInfinity, Xoops, ModX, WordPress, anything and every thing that I could find as “Open Source CMS”. I chose to start with WordPress because of WordPressMu (WPMU), lots of quality theme options & SEO friendliness.

Like most noobies, I just wanted a decent looking site that worked. And I wanted the site live quickly… WordPress did all that, Superbly. Happy, empowered users VOTE. WordPress won!

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