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Terry- 066Hi, I’m Terry Hall a Web Integration & Business Development Consultant with an Intuitive Flair. I developed wp4b.com so businesses can get their foot in the door with a fast and affordable website that meets the needs of 80% of all businesses.

In Life & Business, there are only 3 questions. Be sure you know their answers.

What’s your passion?
What are your talents?
What is a viable Economic Engine for your business?

What is Business Development? Business Development is the Art & Practice of systematically attracting leads, customers and clients to your business endeavor for your mutual benefit.

Why Web Integration? It’s cheap, affective and dynamic.

Terry Hall’s Short Resumé: In 1982, I got my first IBM PC and started using it to automate & developing business systems and processes during my Cooperative Education Engineering Job. Over the next several years I developed Computerized Manufacturing, Costing & Budgeting Systems & Processes on the PC and IBM System-38 the predecessor to today’s IBM AS400 machines. In the mid 80s, I hung out my shingle as a computer consultant for small businesses (aka, I was laid off). While developing computerized small business systems as a consultant, I caught the “entrepreneurial virus, an incurable bug” and started learning and mastering the business of business

10 years as a Real Estate Broker… Since the early 1990s my dream was to be an Inspirational Speaker. This happened after closing down my Real Estate Brokerage. I taught business people to develop and trust their intuition (intuition is a talent of mine), but I realized the professional/platform speaking circuit is not the best economic engine for me. At a conference in San Diego, I was introduced to SEO & SEM (Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing). I dusted off his technical and programming skills from 25 years earlier and has been obsessed with building viable Economic Engines online.

My 3 Questions are inspired by and borrowed from Jim Collins’ classic Good to Great, these 3 questions as at the heart of entrepreneurial success. You bring the passion and talent and Terry helps you create the Economic Engine.

Use the contact form and we’ll see if it makes sense for us to work together.