This was only the second meeting of the San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup, but this Meetup is unquestionably a success! Even with the pouring rain, 22 people attended this Meetup hosted by Jeri Nachman of She has a delightful and cozy place for us to use. Just bring a flashlight to the meeting because she has a long driveway through charming park like grounds, which aren’t well lit.

The December San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup had 2 presenters…

Eris Poringer from Lose the Box Design Studio did a tutorial on WordPress themes, how to install and activate them. She talked about the many WordPress theme resources available through the website. As always Eris is an effective presenter and adds in her personal antidotes and experiences with WordPress Website Design along with a video tutorial from WP101.

Terry Hall of and talked with the San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup up group about SEO, SEM and Geo-Local Searches. He explained what a San Diego Web Designer needs to do to have their clients site show up on the first page of the search engines. He also gave us a challenge to see which designer in the group would rank highest for the search term San Diego Web Designers in January.

Terry let the San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup group know that he wasn’t a web designer, but rather a web developer and business consultant. What that means is that he builds ugly sites, which get people to the top of the search engines, and get leads for their business. He uses a variety of marketing methods for his clients websites along with built in SEO. His marketing methods include, Facebook, MailChimp email service, keyword rich content like blog posts and articles and directory listings and review site listings. All of which, used together lift a website to the first page of Google.

Terry is extremely knowledgeable in WordPress and has personally logged over 10,000 hours in WordPress Websites, WordPress Multisites and WordPress BuddyPress sites. He’s made himself available to all in attendance for questions and help.

I’m looking forward to the next San Diego Web Designers WordPress Meetup on January 19th.