What is website hosting?

Websites are computer files and documents which are viewable via the internet and web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.) For your website to be viewed it must be stored on a computer which is always connected to the internet using an internet protocol (this is an over simplified explanation – for more information here) . These computers are called servers.

Types of website hosting:

  • Shared hosting: A hosting account on a server which is shared with many other hosting accounts. Pricing starts at about $10 per month.
  • VPS hosting: Virtual Private Server is a shared server which is divided into multiple “virtual servers” with software. Pricing starts at about $25 per month.
  • Dedicated Server: A computer server which is dedicated to exclusively to you. Pricing starts at $175 per month.
  • Managed hosting: Hosting accounts which are professionally monitored and managed by a 3rd party (typically the web hosting company). Prices vary greatly.

What skills and systems required for self hosting your WordPress website?

There are a few technical skills needed to manage and maintain a self hosting account. First: A basic understanding of DNS and nameservers. Second: Basic understanding of setting up and configuring MySQL databases and users. Third: Ability to setup and configure email accounts and email forwarders. Forth: Basic understanding of WordPress, plugins, themes and widgets configuration.

Hosting your WordPress site @wp4b for $7 per month:

  • We offer managed hosting for your WordPress site(s).
  • We setup and manage your email accounts & forwarders.
  • We manage, test and maintain your WordPress Installation, themes, plugins and widgets.
  • Disadvantages:
    • You can not add your own themes & plugins to your WordPress site – this is requested via the @wp4b administrator.
  • Additional Advantages:
    • Website promotion: All sites hosted @wp4b have their content marketed via “the wall” which we promote with internet marketing strategies.
    • Help Desk: We’re developing a help desk for our clients for technical, marketing and business info.

The learning curve is a function of your ease with a computers and finding information via the internet. A typical person with is computer savvy can setup and configure their hosting account in 2 to 4 hours.